Saturday, September 1, 2007

Earn your blog money through Text Links

If there is one most hassle-free source of making money from your blog, it's Text Links. Have a look at my MBA/CAT 2008 Prep Blog and note the links on the top of the right side-bar. (marked under "check them out"). This innocuous looking text-links earn me a tidy sum every month - not a huge sum but I don't need to do anything except let them be!
Why is your blog paid for Text-Links?
Because of Google!!
The most important source of traffic for most sites across the world including blogs - indian or otherwise, is search enginge traffic. And when is it most likely that someone will arrive on your blog? Of course, when you are ranked high on Google, Yahoo and other search engines - preferably on the 1st page or atleast in the first 3 or 4 pages. Rarely does someone go beyond the first few pages.
Google ranks search results based on a number of parameters - and one of the most important one is "Inbound Links" to your blog or webpage. Every inward link to your blog is a vote by a fellow blogger or website administrator for your blog. It counts all the more if the inbound link is from a relevant page - a page with content related to your blog.
Can your blog make money through Text-Links?
Yes, but you need to put in lots of effort first. When someone buys text-links on your site, it's for two primary reasons:
1. As explained above: more inbound links raises the 'Google Page Rank' of your site. If you have a high 'Google Page Rank' you are more likely to be able to sell text-links on your blog. Secondly, the higher the page rank of your site, the more you are going to earn per link.
So you need to put in effort to get more and more links pointing to your blog, so that your Google Page Rank goes up and your blog becomes more saleable.
2. The second reason why someone may buy text-link on your site is actually simpler. He simply needs more traffic directly - this are people who will place links on blogs or sites with an overlapping target audience.
Text-link buyers of this kind would prefer higher traffic blogs over others. (Alexa serves as a good indicator of traffic rankings here)
Register your blog with Text Link Ads and get ready to earn more from your blogs.


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