Monday, September 17, 2007

Get that coveted inbound link to your blog

One of the biggest problems faced by a new blogger is - 'How do i get quality inbound links?'. While every blogger is looking to acquire links, established bloggers will not be keen to give link to a newbie. After all, while your Google Page Rank is 0 or 1, they have a higher Google Page Rank and don't see much value in exchanging links with you. How then should a new blogger go about getting quality links pointing to his blog from relevant sites. ( Relevant site = Sites which have content that is similar/relevant to your blog. For example - If you have a cricket blog, Google will be happiest if you get links from cricket blogs or sites).
The solution to this conundrum is: Go out of your way to acquire that coveted link. Follow these steps:
1. Shortlist 1 or 2 blogs from which you want to get links to your blog.
2. Start paying them a visit often, leave comments on their blog and please make sure that they are meaningful comments. Spend time on writing your comments. Your objective is twinfold: a)catch the attention of the blog owner and b) your comments should provoke/encourage return comments from other visitors to the blog. The blog owner should realize that you are adding serious value to his blog. Everyone, including veteran bloggers likes attention !! Give it to them.
3. Make special efforts when providing links to these 1/2 blogs that you have shortlisted. Give them a relevant link from your post/s. Send them some traffic.
4. When you visit their blog, make sure that you are clicking on the link in your blog. That ways they may notice the traffic coming from your blog on their statcounter report sheet.
If this doesn't elicit a favourable response, try sending an e-mail to them asking for a link. Bloggers are nice people - and if you have already softened them, chances are they will melt!!!

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