Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Traffic on Your Blog = More Money

After you have done your first few posts, all excited about your new project, the reality of nothing 'real' happening begins to creep in. You keep checking statcounter all day long and the single digit graphs depress you no end. You get that sinking feeling of 'talking to the wall'. It's now time to get the world to somehow make their way to your blog pages. After all if no one is visiting your blog, who is gonna click on those nice Adsense ads that you have so carefully put around your posts! So here are a few handy tips to get some traffic for your blog.
1. Submit your blog to as many blog directories as possible. While you can submit to blog directories of all sorts, make sure that you do add a link to your blog to all the Indian Blog directories. This can be a bit of monotonous and time-consuming process. Two tips will help you: Write a short description of your blog and save it to word-pad so that you don't have to type it time and again. Secondly, don't waste time finding out what the best directories are. Simply submit it to all and sundry. Surely an extra submission can't do any harm.
2. Increase traffic for other bloggers!! Yes, start paying a visit to other blogs - other Indian blogs and blogs from your niche. Leave a nice comment there and see other bloggers sniff all the way back to your blog. However selfish your intentions maybe, don't make it too obvious. Try and write something genuine about the blog - strictly no spamming. We don't want you earning a bad reputation in the blogosphere, do we?
3. Write frequently: The google spiders love fresh content. If they see that the content on your blog is frequently updated, they will visit you more often. More content means more keywords and strings of words for google to pick up from. While your blog will not be ranked high on google for general keywords, you will be amazed that for some strange keywords you are ranked very high. People type vague and weird things on Google - when i had just begun i used to be amazed to see people making their way to my blog after having typed some vague cluster of keywords and more interestingly my blog used to be on the 1st page of Google search for them.
Also, if you write regulary, other bloggers will have more reasons to visit your site often. As a thumb-rule, do atleast one post a week. However my advice is: more the merrier. But do watch out for quality - don't compromise quality for quantity;at least not always.
4. Make the most of social networking/bookmarking sites: Do you see the 'Digg it' button on the side of this post? That's an attempt on my part to make it easier for readers of my blog to submit my site to Digg. The more people digg a post, the higher it goes up on the Digg rankings. Higher rankings will mean more people are likely to see it, come here, increasing my traffic. Not all of them will click on the Adsense ads but more traffic means i become more saleable for Text Links and I get more chances to do a review at PayPerPost and i qualify for better paying reviews.
If you are on Orkut, add your blog as your webpage. Surely a few of your friends are going to click on the link - a few of them may like your blog and become regular visitors. They may even end up recommending your blog to others. If you are not on Orkut, join.
On Orkut again, join blogger communites. Join the community of Indian Bloggers - tell other members about your blog through the forums there.
There are many other social networking/bookmarking sites like Delicio.Us that you can use to your great benefit. For Indian bloggers, HumSurfer is a great place. They send tons of traffic to my cricket blog.
Also join Technorati, for sure.


ajay rai said...

i will start this way to promote mt blog

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JITEN PRATAP Singh said...

Great work..thanks for the tips will motivate early bloggers.