Saturday, August 25, 2007

Specialized Site for Money Making for Indian Blogs

Hi and Welcome to Monetizing Indian Blogs.
While there are many sites - good, bad and ugly telling you about making money through your blogs, unfortunately the good writers all seem to be based in the United States and as such, it's often not possible for Indian bloggers to connect to them. While there are guys like John Chow and Darren Rowes at ProBlogger who give out excellent information and will be invaluable resources to all bloggers, we will try and have a focus on India and Indian bloggers here. So while there will be the general principles and truths which you will get here as well, we will look at the blogosphere in India specifically.
Do write in with your comments, suggestions and ideas from time to time - Let's make money together!


Michael said...

Dear, Amit
I don't think that someone can earn money from blog. It's fake only. In fact it is the tool of increasing page ranking.
--------------------------------- William Brown

AMIT DUBEY said...

Good one